The Letter

Dear Santa,
My name is Jasha and I’m 23 years young. I’m writing to you for the first time. Not because I’ve learnt how to write recently, apparently I’d learned it about 16 years ago. I just believed in miracle after reading this and I desperately wanted Christmas miracle in my life as well!
For me it was the fruitful year. I started to work in Start-up Company, achieved the high scores for certification exams and attended the conferences for software developers! To be totally honest with you I need to say that I hardcoded a bit this year. Sometimes because the lack of experience, sometimes because of deadlines, no doubts you know it’s all.
And recently on the conference for C# developers the speaker has advised me to use the tool ReSharper against this evil hardcode. ReSharper is unbelievably great! And I want to find it under my Christmas tree so much!

With love, your young software developer Jasha.


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  1. Good luck! Hope you’ll get it 🙂

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